WHo's Your One?

Imagine the impact if every Christian had ONE person they prayed for and shared the gospel with. Who are you committing to pray for?

What is "Who's your one"?

Pinnacles Series 

Check out Pinnacl'es Series on "Who's Your One" for more information and useful content. 

Bible Reading Plans 

4 Day  Family Devotional 

Your family can change the world right where you are, one gospel conversation at a time! Through this devotional, you will work as a family to identify someone you would like to see come to faith in Christ. Family members can each choose one person, or the entire family can focus on one person or family.

40 day Devotional

Every great evangelistic movement is made up of prayerful people. Who's Your One? is an initiative purposed to encourage everyday people to intentionally share Jesus with at least one person this year. The Who's Your One 40-Day Devotional, presented by the North American Mission Board, will walk you through 40 days of intentional prayer to provide encouragement for someone who needs the hope of the gospel.

30 day Student Devotional

As a student, you’ve heard people say “you’re the future of the Church.” This is partly true; however, according to the New Testament, every Christian is the Church right now. You have purpose now—not just for the future. This devotional is designed to cultivate students' hearts to be the Church now by telling others about Jesus.

30 day Prayer Guide

Prayer is at the center of every great evangelistic movement, and every movement is made up of everyday people. Use this guide over the next 30 days to pray for someone you know who needs the hope of the gospel.