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High School is a pivotal time for teens  that goes by fast. Students are learning who they want to be and making plans for their future, we want to be there for them during this time. On Sunday afternoons high schoolers  meet up with their friends plus experience a fun time in a safe environment,  practical teaching, and small group conversation guided by adult leaders who care about them.

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What is the Gospel? And is there a chance we’ve only looked at all it has to offer from only one angle? The word “Gospel” means “good news,” but hearing something is good and knowing WHY it’s good are two very different things. In this series, as we take a closer look at the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we’ll find that the Good News of Easter may be bigger, bolder, and better than we ever imagined, and in doing that, discover a new way of engaging Jesus and five things He doesn’t want any of us to forget.

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