What is baptism? 

Baptism is simply going public with your faith. It is following Jesus example in obedience by letting the world know of the life change that has taken place in you. It is the next step after salvation.

Our Baptism Process 

Step One 

Sign up
Follow the form button to let us know you are ready to take your next step. 

Step Two 

Pick a Date
 Someone from  church will contact you to set up a time and date. 

Step Three 

Share your story
We'll partner with you to help  share your story through video. Don't feel comfortable being filmed no worry. 

Step Four 

Get Baptized
The day is here! We get to celebrate with you! 

Are you ready to tell your story? 

Watch Justin's Story

Watch Chad's Story

Watch Patti & Gerard's Story

Watch Blaine's Story

If you have questions about baptism, our process or sharing your story.
Send us a message we would love to help!