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We know life doesn’t come with instructions. We know you want to get it right.
 Life isn't meant to be done alone, Let's navigate this journey together.

Pinnacle Church is a place where ANYONE can come, a place free of judgment and political agendas; a safe haven for the broken. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Jesus, engage in community, find their group of people to navigate life with, and ultimately find the place where they belong.

Here’s how to get started:
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Connect with us to get helpful resources for your life.
Connect with others by joining a group.

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The afterlife is mysterious, and it can lead us to ask some interesting questions: What is the resurrection? Will we be just nebulous spiritual blobs in the afterlife? Do I need to earn rewards to build my heavenly mansion? Is heaven going to be boring? What will we do there? This two-week series  examines what the Bible teaches about the afterlife, directly confronting our misconceptions of heaven and allowing Scripture to inform our understanding of eternal life.

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