Locally Grown- Week 4

Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Heath Davis

Try this new diet. Subscribe to this workout trend. Read this book that will change everything you hate about yourself. Commit to the latest tick-tock challenge to give you your best life in 40 days….We are bombarded with messages daily about our constant need to seek self-improvement. There is nothing wrong with working hard or wanting to make changes in our lives. But could we be honest for a moment? Is it possible that our society’s fixation on self-improvement is actually making us…less improved? Is our self-help making us unhappy, anxious, stressed, and downright tired? What if there is a better way? A way that focuses less on what we do and more on who we are. In our new series “Locally Grown,” we will explore the ancient teaching about “The Fruit of the Spirit” and how the changes that matter are less about our effort and more about our relationship with our Creator