Growth Groups

Whats in it for me? 

What’s in it for me? We live in a consumer oriented culture that has trained us to ask this. For example, when a person decides to go to college, it isn’t just for the experience of growing in knowledge and gaining life experiences to maturity; many times there is a pragmatic concern: “I go to college to get a degree and to get a job, and I choose programs that will get me a job that makes me the most money.” This is not always bad or unwise to consider. But such a question has limited value in relationships, and especially in our walk with God.

By looking at this series both on Sunday mornings and in our growth groups we will: explore how Christians can use spiritual disciplines on their own terms. Through understanding the biblical purposes of Bible study, prayer, and giving we can mature as believers and serve God not because of what we get out of it but because we love him. We will be both talking about

Become A Growth Group Host

The best way to be in a group is to start a group. We believe you have what it takes to host a growth group right now. Sign up to host this 6-week series beginning February 6th, and we will make the rest easy for you. Each week we will provide you with video teaching by Pastor Heath, a week-by-week discussion guide, and we will connect you with an experienced host to help and encourage you along the way. If you have three or more friends and family you already have a small group, lets partner together to make a positive impact in their lives.

Join a growth group

No matter where you are on your journey you belong here. 

Growth Groups are Pinnacle's community groups who gather together in a convenient location or online to learn about the Bible, grow, and have fun together. Whether you're looking for knowledge or community all you have to do is join, show up and be yourself. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Register online.
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Step 2: Meet your group.

Step 3: Try for a semester 
Growth Groups meet for six weeks semesters.
Giving you the opportunity to find the group that best fits you.

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