Growth Groups

Spring Group Campaign

Starting March 14th all of our growth groups will be participating in a Bible study titled "I Said This You Heard That." We will be taking a deeper dive into how our temperaments color our communication.  During this campaign semester we have a special option of a large group Bible study held every Wednesday night at 6:30pm via zoom. Join with others and some of our pastors and staff as we work together to learn more about our temperaments. You can sign up for the Wednesday night Bible study below.


No matter where you are on your journey you belong here. 

Growth Groups are Pinnacle's community groups who gather together in a convenient location or online to learn about the Bible, grow, and have fun together. Whether you're looking for knowledge or community all you have to do is join, show up and be yourself. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Register online.
Sign up online and we will help you find your group.

Step 2: Meet your group.

Step 3: Try for a semester 
Growth Groups meet for six weeks semesters.
Giving you the opportunity to find the group that best fits you.

Groups for every season of life

Groups by Community 

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Groups by studies or topics 

-Starting Point
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Are you ready to find where you belong?